Club Penguin: Banned Forever
Club Penguin Banned Forever03:38

Club Penguin Banned Forever


Club Penguin

Date of Posting

April 1, 2013



Club Penguin: Banned Forever is a Club Penguin video on Thinknoodles' channel, Insiders Network. (Now called, "Thinknoodles")

This video is an April Fools joke that Think played on his subscribers. In the video, Club Penguin has banned Think because he was crashing servers, forcing him to rename himself as 7h1nkno0d1es. In the end Think explains that this video was a joke. This video scared many subs.

Apart from this video, Think never uses this username. So if you see a "7h1nkno0d1es" running around on Club Penguin or anywhere else, remember that it's not him.

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