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Think's Lab

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Think's Lab Episode Titled "Welcome To Think's Lab"

Dave is a main character in one of Think's most popular series, Think's Lab. He is the first Minion to be an actual talking character in the series. He is also the most responsible. He started out as an unnamed minion along with all the other Minions in Think's Lab, but Think suggested to let the viewers decide what to name the minions and Dave himself. The most common name that was chosen for Dave was, well, Dave, though it was close to being Kevin, who was later introduced in the series as Dave's cousin and best friend.

Dave is the security guard/minion secretary of the lab and is also known to be quite serious, at least compared to his cousin Kevin. He usually sits at a desk near the entrance of Think's Lab and hardly ever moves from there in an episode. He is greeted at the start of every episode by Think and Kopi, except for one episode titled "Minecraft: Think's Lab - Kevin's Shrink Ray - Gulliver, Little Blocks Mod!" where he isn't at the desk, he is actually down in the lab being tested with a shrink ray Kevin has invented.

He usually informs Thinknoodles about all of the events that's going on inside the lab, and most of the time it's usually based on what trouble Kevin had caused! Except for one episode titled "Minecraft: Think's Lab - Dave Starts The Solar Apocalypse - Solar Apocalypse + Frozen Mod!", where Dave himself has caused the catastrophe.

Dave also has a pilot license, and a trainer named Creeper Joe. Dave enjoys flying Kevin, Think and Kopi in his two-seater airplane that Trainer Creeper Joe lets him use whenever he wants.

He has girlfriend named Holly who he met on a dating website trying to find a date for Valentines Day.

Relations Edit

Kevin - Cousin

Thinknoodles Best friend

Kopi - Friend

Uncle Bob - Uncle

Holly - Girlfriend/Love Interest