About Juliet Edit

Juliet is a worker in Uncle Bob's TNT factory. She met Kevin, who instantly fell in love with her. She is also very fond of TNT, like her boyfriend Kevin. She was first seen in the 36th episode of Think's Lab.
Kevin And Juliet Meeting

Kevin And Juliet when they first met

Trivia• Edit

Currently she has only appeared in the Think's Lab series, in the episodes TNT Factory Strike, Kevin & Juliet, Kevin & Juliet's First Date, the 400,000 Subscribers Party, 500,000 subscribers party, Halloween Party, the Thanksgiving Party, Twilight forest, Kevin's Birthday, Valentines Day, 1 yr. of Kevin,Curing Grape Jelly, and Kevin's Birthday 2 (Kevin Loves Juliet).

Relationships Edit

Thinknoodles - Best friend

Kopi - Friend

Uncle Bob - Boss

Kevin - Boyfriend/Love Interest

Dave - Friend

Holly - Friend

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