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Think's Lab

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Think's Lab Episode 11


TNT and explosions

Kevin is one of the main and most well known characters in Think's Lab. He loves TNT. Kevin can't live without TNT and is also known throughout the Minecraft world for his destructive actions. Due to this fact, he can't follow Think everywhere, for he is always stopped by guards, NSA Agents, etc. Yet he always finds his way through.

He was given a driver's license by Think because he was jealous of Dave's pilot license he received in a previous episode.

His birthday appears to be on the 31st of December but his current age is unknown, though he is under 17 because he performed under age magic and got himself in Azkaban. Think also says he imagines him to be fairly young and childish.

Kevin is strong enough to easily defeat the Lich King and many hidden or overlooked details show that Kevin can, with some trouble, defeat mobs stronger than in Orespawn and Crazy Craft. Through analyses, half his power lets him 1 shot mobs with high defense like Godzilla, King Kong, and the Queen and the King.

He met a girl called Juliet on the 36th episode of Think's Lab entitled "TNT Factory Strike" and instantly fell in love with her. Episodes later from that event, they are now both in a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.

He also apparently can sing exactly like Brenton Mattheus. Shown in an episode entitled "Kevin & Juliet" in which he sang to Juliet to win her heart. And he always says TNT!

Relations Edit

Dave (Minion) - Cousin

Thinknoodles - Best friend/CEO

Juliet - Girlfriend/Love interest

Kopi- Friend

Uncle Bob (Minion) - Uncle

Grape jelly - Friend

Trivia Edit

  • Kevin got a free sample of a purple banana once and he turned into a purple minion which was bad because Kevin + PX-41 = BBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!! THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!
  • Kevin was once banned from using TNT, and the only way to cheer him up is by using anything that explode and that wrecks the land until the episode "tnt factory strike" when the factory workers went on strike untilhe gets his TNT back.
  • He has a secret rainbow passageway in his room to escape, just in case if he's trapped in his room and need to do something important.
  • As weird as it is, Kevin can actually do a good Turkey call that can call alot of turkeys.
  • He has trouble choosing an actual scary halloween costume as his last costume was a "scary" business man.