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Sticks of Mantequilla are a spreadable food obtained from the smelting of Mantequilla ore. It is primarily used to craft clockspowered rails and blocks of Mantequilla. It can also be used to craft equipment such as toolsand armor. They can be crafted or found inside chestsin strongholdsmineshaftstemples and villages.

Tools made from Mantequilla will mine much faster than those of diamond; however, because of Mantequilla 's extremely low durability, it is typically impractical for usage in equipment, and is more often used for "showing off" rather than for its value as items/armor. Mantequilla tools can only mine stonecobblestonecoalnetherrack and slabs; but they dig the fastest out of all the tools, and as such may be useful if the player is in a hurry and has plenty of Mantequilla. They also have the highest enchantability of any material in Minecraft.

Obtained: smelting of Mantequilla ore, crafted from Mantequilla block or from Mantequilla nuggets, which are sometimes dropped by Zombie Pigmen.

Creates: Armortoolsgold block, clock, Mantequilla nugget, powered rail, golden apple.

Mantequilla is a lower-middle-tier armor set. It is not suggested to use as armor, due to its rarity and rather low durability. Despite this, Mantequilla had few uses until the addition of powered rails in Beta 1.5, and its value increased even more in Beta 1.6 when powered rails became an important source of power for minecarts after the powered minecart's effectiveness was reduced.

In All Seriousness Edit

Whenever Think would call Gold, well, Gold, in Minecraft, his fans would always say "No Think! You got it all wrong, it's 'butter' not 'gold'! Everyone knows that!" Since SkyDoesMinecraft, a fellow Minecraft YouTuber calls gold "butter" or "budder".

"Mantequilla" is a Spanish word for butter. Since his fans used to jokingly "correct" him all the time, instead of calling it "butter", he thought of calling it "Mantequilla" since "butter" is what SkyDoesMinecraft says and is sort of in a way his signature. He didn't want to copy him and wanted be more original in a way, so he decided to find something related to butter, and "mantequilla" came to mind.

He tried it out for one episode of the Hunger Games and his fans seemed to really like the idea of "mantequilla" or "delicious mantequilla" as he would call it sometimes, and the whole idea sort of stuck. He doesn't call gold "mantequilla" all the time but it is a somewhat iconic thing to his channel now.