Naruko was a pet dog in Think's Survival Let's Play series. He found her in the second part of episode ten called "First Sadness, then Naruko". They then headed to an abandoned mine and together they explored it. But then, tragedy struck. In about the middle of episode eleven, titled "Naruko NOOOOOOOOO!!!!", They were in the mine and while they were exploring, Think stopped by a lava column. He then managed his inventory a little bit and Naruko came up next to the lava column. She barked and Think said "Yeah I know" and then saw her next to the column he said "Are you crazy?" then turned around a little bit and then, Naruko smelled the lava column and perished. This hurt Think as he enjoyed her company and they were good companions. He built a cobblestone wall around the pillar so nobody else would suffer the same fate. People might've thought that he was building her memorial (as he had built a memorial for his Slimes) but he walled it off so it would not happen again. When he finally escaped the mine, he found two more wolves and tamed them, and then named them Naruko Too and Okuran. When he returned to the Treehouse, he built a fantastic memorial with gold blocks, flowers, glass, and later on, a beacon going through the top glass block. Edit

Naruko Too was a wolf Think tamed after he escaped an abandoned mine. He said her sister was the dog Naruko, who perished in said mine.- Whole article by M.E. (I kid you not those are my real initials)

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