Thinknoodles's Survival series (AKA Noodle Planet) was one of Think's first Minecraft series. It originally started when Think's channel was still called Insiders Network. The Noodle Planet is currently Think's second most popular series other than Think's Lab. The series has over 300 episodes and is still going.

Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Diamonds Are A Noodle's Best Friend - Think starts the series and finds diamonds

Episode 2: Gimme my stuff back! - Exactly what it says on the tin, and the Treehouse is begun

Episode 3: SURPRISE! - Think expands the Treehouse

Episode 4: Building Out My House - more of the same from ep 3

Episode 5: Mining And More Building - you get the idea

Episode 6: IT'S THE VILLAGE! - Think finds a village

Episode 7: More Dead Ends - Think goes on a mining trip in a ravine with very dead-endy caves attached

Episode 8: JUNGLE TEMPLE! - He finds one (Note: this is where the second Insiders Network intromation (intro animation) is introduced)

Episode 9: King Of The Slimes - Thinknoodles gathers a tribe of slimes to follow him, but the slimes die by episode's end

Episode 10: First Sadness, Then Naruko! - Think builds the Slime Memorial and later tames Naruko, his first pet dog

Episode 11: NARUKO NOOOOOOOO! - Naruko is killed

Episode 12: I Hate Spiders

And More......


  • Thinknoodles
  • Think's Wife (occasionally)
  • Various villagers, etc.
  • The Slimes
  • Various cats, including Fluffy CK, Fluffy, and Socks
  • Various dogs, including Naruko, Naruko Too, Okuran, and Ipokani