Signature Look
Poptropicain Left
Vital statistics
Position Poptropican
Age 36 Years
Status Active Account
Physical attributes
Height 112 Pixles
Weight Unknown

Speedy Catfish is Thinknoodles' Poptropican.

He has made many walkthroughs in Poptropica, such as The Back Lot Island walkthrough and the Big Nate Island walkthrough.

Thinknoodles' Poptropican has a glitch where there is a thought bubble on its head saying: e= mc2.

As of August 23, 2015, Think has completed all of the Poptropica islands so far.


  • Most of his outfit is from Albert Einstein, he picked that outfit because he is probably one of the oldest Poptropicans.
  • His Poptropica glasses are limited edition from the Vampire's Curse Island and are no longer available.

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