In Thinknoodles's Survival lets-play, he lives in a treehouse built around a jungle tree. Vines tend to spring up onto the tree, grabbing him sometimes and then making him take fall damage. It was undeniably annoying. So the idea of the Golden Noodle came up, he put up signs that stopped the pesky vines and wound around the tree with names of fans who either were fans for a very long time, or made something for him, ex: fan art.

The Golden NoodlersEdit

~Golden Noodler (Reason)

1. Nicolets S (Coming up with the idea for the Golden Noodle)

2. MrSanman98 (Making him a BEAUTIFUL piece of Fan art)

3. Widgie 6 (Being a fan since before YouTube, and pretty much a huge insane commenter)

4. Alexis0900 (Being a fan for along time and for making the Noodle Pack)

5. AbbieStudios (Making cute animations of some of his videos)

6. TheSuperCrewHQ (Making a poem about the Golden Noodle)

7. xReelGamingx (Being a huge fan and Commenting on almost all of his videos)

8. 1999bloo (Asking good questions on Ask Think and being a fan for a long time)

9. FrozenBerry12 (Making Think laugh on twitter by making #Selphie Fan art, is also a fan from the very start)

10. Polarbear121500 (Making a song and sang it for him)

11. Saundra Frost (Being a Fan from the VERY start and commenting on almost all of his videos)

12. NovaCat31 (Being a HUGE Fan, Comments on every video)

13. Wasp125 (Coming up with Think's catchphrase, Noodle On)

14. KayDee (Coming up with he Octopus's Garden idea)

15. jackaddaway (Being a big help on his channel)

16. Deruko (Making AMAZING fan art of Kopi)

17. Kostas Tasiou (Being a HUGE HUGE, HUGE fan)

18. The_Real_JL (Making him laugh on Twitter with fan art)

And more...