bobs a series Thinknoodles started in his channel on February 4th, 2014 and and is currently the most popular series on Think's channel, and what Think's mainly known for. Within the series Think, his dog Kopi and friends Dave and Kevin Minion "put a creative twis on playing mods in Minecraft". channel, and triedh doing them on May 29th, 2013, he soon stopped the series just after two episodes since it just felt too plain to him.

On January 11th, 2014 however he made a skit called "Think's 1.8 hggggggSnapshot Adventure" in which he was mining in a cave, fell into a pit that magically transported him to the future; he got a message from his future self telling him that "They" have taken Think's "Precious Noodle Soup" and Think mustbbbbh go on an "epic quest" through different passageways and "traps" to find and unlock the chest with his Precious Noodle Soup inside. He wanted to "do something different" for the review and the conceptbwbsgga of skits and "Think's Lab" was born.

The series ended April 23rd 1 however it was brought back on Halloween, October 31st 3 in a surepisode.

Think recommends to reply to his original comment when he uploads the video with the Minion name since it's guaranteed to save in the video; lately some of the comments disappear at an alarming rate, but if you reply to his comment the comment will stick around and you and everyone would have a much more even chance of getting a Minion.

A list of the named Minions

Official Think's Lab Resource PackEdit

Download link:

Mods he Uses in Think's LabEdit

Each episode reviews a different mod(s), but there are some helpful mods he uses in every Think's Lab episode to help him along the way. Like:

Damage Indicators

Not Enough Items


Camera Studio Mod

Morph Mod

Think's Minions used to be a resource pack, changing the texture of villagers to Minons, but lately he teamed up with Unstopable N to help him create a Think's Lab Minion Mod to help with details like Minion arms and to allow minions to sit down, a separate Kopi (Golden Retriever) breed, and a lot of other helpful features he wouldn't be able to do as easily (or not at all) with a resource pack. It's currently a work in progress and has a lot of bugs to be tweaked and features (Like purple Minions) to be added and can be downloaded at this link:

Minions/Think's Lab/Thinknoodles Mod

Think's lab map download Edit




Main Characters:


-Kevin Minion

-Dave Minion


Reoccurring Characters:


-Think's Wife



-The Hacker (May be the villain)

-The Villian (Name unknown) (May be the hacker)


Other Characters:

-Wanda The Whale


-Uncle Bob

-Inspector Brown

-Think's Lab Minions

-Evil (Purple Colored) Minions


Locations in Think's LabEdit

Think's Lab:

-Dave's Security Center

-The Hallways

-Testing Chambers


-Kevin's room

The City:

-The Neighborhood

-The Mall

-Apple store

-Mojang offices

-Candy Shop

-Museum of Modern Block

Other locations within the series:

-The TNT Factory

-The School


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