Think's Wife
Think's Wife (skin)

Real Name


Birth Day

January 22, 1983



Eye Color


She does the voice acting in Think's Lab as "Think's Wife" however Think controls most of the movement of her character.

In real life, Rachelle is a doctor (more specifically a surgeon) as in Think's Lab. are a magical thing l

Youtube Channel Edit

Think's wife (Rachelle) has her own Youtube channel. She didn't upload anything to it for a while but recently started uploading videos.

Her first videos were BarkBox unboxings and other Kopi videos but started uploading gaming videos with her first one being a Super Mario Run video with Think. She now mostly plays Roblox. On Roblox she has played Roblox Pokemon go 2 and is now making a brick bronze series. Also Think seems to always be in her videos.

Think's Wife's Youtube Channel:

Other facts: Edit

  • Minecraft Mods Think's Lab - The Rainbow! Minecraft Roleplay18:29

    Minecraft Mods Think's Lab - The Rainbow! Minecraft Roleplay

    She uploaded a roblox video where she was playing fashion frenzy for her birthday on January 22nd, 2017

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