{{Infobox |Box title = Thinking noddles's wifes life |image = Think's Wife (skin) .png |Row 1 title = Real Name is |Row 1 info = Rachelle Noodles |Row 2 title = Birth Day |Row 2 info = January 30 198 |Row 3 she is a magical youtuber 34|Row 4 title = Eye . She does the voice acting in Think's Lab as "Think's Wife" however Think controls most of the movement of her character.

In real life, Rachelle is a doctor (more specifically a surgeon) as in Think's Lab. are a magical thing l

Youtube Channel Edit

Think's wife (Rachelle) has her own Youtube channel. She didn't upload anything to it for a while but recently started uploading videos.

Her first videos were BarkBox unboxings and other Kopi videos but started uploading gaming videos with her first one being a Super Mario Run video with Think. She now mostly plays Roblox. On Roblox she has played Roblox Pokemon go 2 and is now making a brick bronze series. Also Think seems to always be in her videos. Also fuck her because she sucks.

Think's Wife's Youtube Channel:

Other facts: Edit

  • She uploaded a roblox video where she was playing fashion frenzy for her birthday on January 22nd, 2017

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