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Current Outfit
Vital statistics
Position Penguin
Age Account Age: 4 (Since June 2010)
Status Active Account (Once A Week At The Most)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Club Penguin is the second game Thinknoodles played other than Webkinz.

He came up with the name Thinknoodles because he tried to be original and "THINK NOODLES" was one of the slogans for one of his favourite restaurants, so he picked that name.

His Club Penguin Friend List has been broken for a very long time so that is why he sadly won't add you in Club Penguin,

He can meet penguins for parties of his channel but he usually meets most penguins from the event he calls Think Thursday where he organizes a time and meets penguins where he postcards them and visits their igloos! Around 3am pst, since he lives in est, so 6am, since he's an early riser who likes to finish his day early, and finish off with a relaxing afternoon.

He dresses always in a lime green penguin, with wild and insane outfits every "Think Thursday" to make him stand out from the crowd. He tries his best to postcard every penguin attending, and spend a good hour and a half, or sometimes two to just make everyone feel better, due to trying to interact with all his fans.

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