Uncle Bob
Uncle Bob-0





Work At

TNT Factory

First Seen On

Think's Lab Episode 36

About Edit

Uncle Bob, Kevin's uncle, is a character in one of Thinknoodles' most popular series called Think's Lab.

As mentioned in a Think's Lab episode titled "Think's Lab - Illegal Fireworks - MobLocket Mod!" Uncle Bob works in a fireworks/TNT factory which was then visited in the episode titled "Think's Lab - Kevin Gets His TNT Back - Too Much TNT Mod!" In that episode, he helps his nephew, Kevin, get back his TNT in which he was banned from using according to Mojang, in a different episode of Think's Lab. He proposed Kevin's pardon since he was not getting enough money as The TNT Factory's best customer is, unsurprisingly, Kevin.

"Kevin, no TNT? Nobody, TNT." -Uncle Bob

Relations Edit

Kevin (Minion) - Nephew

Dave (Minion) - Nephew

Thinknoodles - Best friend

Kopi - Friend

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