Widgie 6 or Rebekah is one of the most common Noodlers who's name rings a bell.

"Widgie 6" was first heard of in one of Thinknoodles's first few Club Penguin Parties, let alone she wasn't known much back then. Widgie had been on Think's Website "Webkinz Insider" as user, "puppy girl," and later on "puffle girl," "djrb" or later known as "rere" on "Club Penguin Insider," where she use to talk to Think, before YouTube was his full-time job. Along the Think Thursdays, when her name was hitting the brain, she joined Twitter in June 2013, as "Cats_Claw23" which she still has today, but commonly uses it just for memories.

December 2013, when Thinknoodles was doing his "1000th Video Tour" QnA, Widgie 6 was invited due to being a big supporter and by always being there for him.

Early 2014, she sent mail for "Think's Monthly Mailbag," which included dog treats for Kopi, and rainbow loom bracelets for Think and Rachelle.

Widgie opened a new twitter account, "Widgie6", which she uses daily, since February 2014. She did have other fandom accounts, which normally are inactive, or just used for "re-tweets".

For Episode 116 of the Noodle Planet Let's Play, xReelGamingx, Jackaddaway, RealAlexis900 and Widgie_6, were chosen to be able to hop into a team-speak call and record a video with Think. The guests weren't allowed to record background footage, but it did happen to include the voices of them, slightly.

Widgie has an on and off YouTube account, which she mostly used to make videos for think, which had gotten her name known for. She had a video opening up about having a depression and suicidal phase, which Think helped her go through, but put on private, due to friend's of her knowing about her YouTube account.

Widgie likes to tease about her face, but with all of her pictures together, she has dark amber brown hair. She has blue eyes and long eyelashes and is pretty pale. She's from New York, but she had released some of her conversation with Think, saying he promised that he would meet her in real life one day.

Her Best Friends are NovaCat31 and has lately been getting close to Jackaddaway, since making her the newest addition of "The Think's Lab Builders". She is a loving person, who normally has her chill, but doesn't like "fakes" or people who put Think in a bad light, as she lightens their perspective of him. She oftenly gets called "Widger," "Widgier6," "Widget," "Diget," "Wid-Wid," or "Wedgie6," when the correct way to say her name is "Wid-egie" She loves to act like a cat, and likes to be creative, singing and being sweet to her friends.