xReelGamingx, also known as "The Bathroom Attendant" around the channel, is one of the well known Noodlers, seen as referenced a lot around the Thinknoodles channel. 

Origin of "The Bathroom Attendant"Edit

On "Minecraft : Survival - Part 116 - The Yellow Submarine's Maiden Voyage!" Thinknoodles chose 4 Noodlers that have been appearing a lot around the channel, have helped him, etc. to help him on his Voyage to find an Underwater Temple. xReelGamingx was the bathroom attendant, and seemed to always stay in the ship's bathroom. After that episode, xReelGamingx used to comment stuff like "The bathroom attendant returns!" "I demand a new bathroom" or "HOW DARE YOU BUY A NEW TOILET FOR THE SHIP" around videos where Think used the submarine or referenced anything having to do with toilets, a lot of noodlers and Thinknoodles himself really liked how he did this, found it funny, and it started to become a trend/thing around Think's channel. And Reel turned into the famous "Bathroom Attendant" 

xReelGamingx continues to comment Bathroom Attendant references, and even Think trys to make the reference as much as he could whenever he was able to, for example in "Minecraft Mods: Think's Lab - Tomorrowland Party!" where he kept xReelGamingx near the Disney Land public bathroom.